Message from Managing Director

In Rotterdam, The Netherlands MGC Specialty Chemicals Netherlands B.V. (MSCN) constructs a Manufacturing and Sales base Meta-xylenediamine (MXDA) Chemical Plant for the biggest demand markets in Europe and North- & South America. It will be the very first MXDA Plant in the European region.

MXDA is used for various uses in the world right now. Currently, it became well-known to be used for environmental products, such as the material of windmill blades, CO2 capture agents and solvent-free anti-corrosion paints.

MSCN strives to gain and maintain customer’s satisfaction and trust and fulfill our company’s responsibility in producing the best product and supplying quality MXDA material. We will also aim to achieve MGC group’s mission of “creating value to share with society”.

I look forward to your continuing trust and support in this endeavor.

Managing Director, Masatoshi SATO