MXDA (Meta-xylenediamine)



Meta-xylenediamine (MXDA) is produced from Meta-xylene (MX), is an aliphatic diamine with a benzene ring in the skeletal framework and is in colorless liquid form at room temperature. The technology of MXDA is licensed by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. (MGC) to MSCN.

This unique chemical structure gives MXDA the following advantages, and its specific ability is shown when being used for epoxy, polyamide, or urethane.

Excellent Chemical Resistance
Cost saving through material reduction
Fast Curing even at Low Temperature
Low Viscosity (Easy Handling)

Epoxy curing agents using MXDA are characterized by low-temperature curing properties, and their addition improves the chemical resistance and anticorrosion properties of paints, so they have been used for more than 30 years in a variety of applications requiring anti-corrosion and chemical resistance.

Structures and Property

Molecular Weight136.1
Amine Value824mgKOH
AHEW / phr34.0 / 18.3g
Freezing Point14.1℃

History and Technology of MXDA


In late 1960, MGC developed separate and industrialized high-purity MX from mixed xylene using the super-strong acid “HF-BF3”. MGC began to develop MX derivatives and succeeded in producing MXDA by reacting MX with an ammo-oxidation catalyst and hydrogeneration technology developed in-house, to take advantage of MX technology.


MXDA manufacturing began in 1970 with the construction of a semi-commercial plant in Niigata, Japan. MGC developed applications for isocyanate, a raw material for nylon film, polyurethane and for epoxy resin curing agents, and developed markets in Japan and overseas, leading to increased demand and its first profitable year in 1979.


In the 1980’s MGC launched RENY, a molding material made from MX nylon, derivatives developed in-house and reinforced with glass fibers and other materials, and expanded the use of MX nylon into automotive parts.

1990's - Today

Multilayer bottles made of PET/MX nylon were adopted in Europe and US.

MGC expanded the plant in Niigata, Japan in 1992 and Mizushima, Okayama, Japan in 2007 with a healthy demand for MXDA. The demand has grown steadily since then, leading to the decision to construct a new MXDA plant in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2021.

Today, MXDA is the leading product of MGC according for more than 90%of the global market share.

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