In January 2021, MGC Specialty Chemicals Netherlands B.V. (MSCN) was established in Rotterdam, Netherlands by Japanese Chemical Manufacturer Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. (MGC).

In September 2021, MGC decided to license the production and sales of MXDA to MSCN and to build a new MXDA Plant in Botlek Rotterdam.

In 2021, construction of the new MXDA Plant with the project name “XA-1 Project” started.


January 2021



Main product


MXDA, a raw material which can be used for (mainly) coatings and epoxy, is produced in Japan in existing 2 Plants (factories): Niigata and Mizushima. However, due to the healthy demand for MXDA, the current production capacity would be insufficient to meet the market demands in 2024 and further years. For that reason, MGC decided to build a new MXDA Plant to expand production capacity.

In the selection process for the location, MGC researched and considered several continents and countries around the world such as North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Europe. After in-depth research, MGC finally decided on Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The European market has the highest demand for MXDA. This demand is stable, persistent, and efficient in terms of logistics and transport for supplying several important raw materials.

In 2021, the “XA-1 Project” started in The Netherlands, Botlek Rotterdam and commercial operation will start in 2024 with a new MXDA Plant.

XA-1 Project


MXDA plant operation will start!


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Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Group is a Japanese chemical manufacturer which develops, manufactures, and delivers highly unique chemical products from basic chemicals to fine chemicals, and functional chemicals around the world. We have grown up in a society as an outstanding chemical company with original technologies and a strong presence.

In 2021 MGC reached a milestone in its history by commemorating its 50th anniversary. MGC Group’s Mission is “Creating value to share with society”. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by working to balance economic and social values through the creation of a wide range of values based on chemistry for the next 50-year history.

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